Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Nikita Willy Similar Artists Japanese Porn

Daftar Hotel - Newspaper circulation of pornographic videos Nikita Willy is on Facebook raises doubts. Twitter users are just worried about Eri Otoguro video, bokep Japanese artists like Nikita.

Hotel di Bandung "Poor deh the Nikita Willy. Gara-garta similar to Eri Otoguro, he became gossip, "said Wyat Gniten Twitter account.

Some Twitter users are dihebohkan news about her porn video Wily lively on Facebook. In fact, they asked for the tape was exchanged on social networking Twitter.

"Well, there's already seen the video Nikita Willy? Divide can link lah, "said Wiwandhana Twitter account.

Related Japanese porn star similar to Nikita Willy, the woman who was born October 12, 1982 was briefly named Eri Otoguro is difficult to distinguish from artist's patron. Born in Bankok, Thailand, perempun blood O was known for films Oneechanbara: The Movie as the figure in 2008, Aya and Yoko film Shutter as a character.

Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

TPS 78 Rusuh Prone

Daftar Hotel - Depok Police said as many as 78 polling places (TPS) prone to riots. Depok police chief Sr. Comr Ferry Pol Abraham said it was down the critical points of the General Election to be conducted on 16 October.

 Hotel di Jakarta"From 2400 (TPS), there are 78 polling stations vulnerable to riot," he said on Friday (01/10/2010).

The reason, says Ferry, in addition to the high level of criminality in the area, the TPS is also far from the police station with the distance of about one hour. Not only that, supporters of candidates for mayor and deputy mayor who advanced in the General Election of the numbers balanced, so that the feared riot.

"One of them is on Sub Cimanggis, especially in two villages namely Cimanggis and Tapos village," he said again.

Ferry added, the TPS is prone to be guarded by police officers and equipped with automatic weapons. Meanwhile, to secure the General Election campaign Depok, Depok Police officers received assistance from the Regional Police (Polda) and Brimob Metro Jaya Depok Kelapa Dua.

"The total three SSCs of Police in charge of the Police, Cimanggis, and Cinere and one SSCs of Police Mobile Brigade who served in Depok," he said.

Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

Olivia Jensen Afraid Horror Movie

Daftar Hotel - Olivia Jensen Lubis experience playing movies and soap operas are actually quite decent. But the Afgan singer girlfriend is still reluctant to play in a horror genre film. Olivia had refused when presented with an offer to play a horror movie. The reason is very simple. He's the kind of cowards. "Since I was timid person, so it has not dared to play a horror movie," he said.

Hotel di Surabaya - According to Olivia, she is also still under contract with MD Entertainment. Actually I also want to play the movie again, not only to the extent in soap operas. But its role must also be picky. Expected to acquire a more mature role. Is not surrounding the teenager's life.

Olivia admits, its activities in the entertainment world, it could siphon school time. Several times he had to ask permission out of class at the Australian International School in Jakarta. However, during the attempted shooting done after he completed his studies. "Unless there are roles that can not be replaced. I can not help asking permission from the school," he said.

Danish-born girl, 11 April 1993, still think the school is number one. He does not want education to be abandoned due to too busy in the entertainment world. "Education is very important. Without an adequate education is very difficult to achieve a better career," Olivia said when met at Global TV in the studio AD Jalan TB Simatupang Jakarta.

Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Say No To Krisdayanti Hantu

Nama Hotel - Singer Kris Kristofferson semble vraiment kesengsem avec des entrepreneurs du Timor-Leste, Raul Lemos. Quand les journalistes nouvelles à l'Excelsior n Cafe Restaurant, Jalan Raya n ° 26 Radio dans le sud de Jakarta.

Hotel di Semarang - A cette occasion, KD franche au sujet de son intérêt pour Raul. L'un d'eux, en fonction de KD, Raul est l'homme qui est rempli d'une aura de l'amour.

«Regardez ses yeux seuls peuvent voir l'amour est là", a déclaré KD, en regardant Raul, le mercredi (21 / 7).

En fait, il ya six mois, a déclaré KD off, Merci à Raul a toujours le statut que le mari de Atta. "Mais je ne veux pas y penser. J'aime les gens de sortir de manière réaliste", a déclaré KD.

KD a admis lors d'une rupture avec Raul, il ya le côté qui l'a aidé à disparaître. «Il y avait des larmes qui s'égouttent. Ayant personnes ont perdu j'aime et qui ont été encourageants", a déclaré KD

Aux yeux de KD, Raul est une figure de l'attention, de patience et d'amour. "Outre que lui, bien, dit hommes KD Gallant en imitant les gestes.

Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

Jadwal Piala Dunia 2010 hantu Puncak

Daftar Hotel - By playing two matches in Group H tonight, between Chile and Spain vs. Honduras contra Switzerland, then all contestants team World Cup (the PD) 2010 South Africa will kelar melakoni its inaugural game. But as is known, there are no pauses between game schedule with a group stage first phase (waves) matches both. For proof, just hose about two hours after the Spanish-Swiss parties in Durban later tonight, party A group of South Africa was ready to be held against Uruguay (broadcast on Thursdays at 1:30 pm).

Hotel di Bali - Perhaps, it could be considered still too early to review the record number of games that already exist today. But it would not hurt as well, because after all since the first game was held, FIFA and its committees, as well as mass media itself, have noted a variety of data and incidents. Here for example, some parts of the data recorded and attract scrutiny.

From group A to H, if it involves all the teams that have dropped a match at the beginning of the party, it will be carrying a total of 16 matches. That means one-third, aka 16 of a total of 48 group stage matches, or one quarter of the total 64 games in 2010 PD (including the seizure of the 3rd place). Have entered a quarter section, then what were the results so far?

Apart from the two Group H matches tonight, from 14 games already in progress, carrying as many as 22 goals have been created, plus an own goal. Top scorer whom? No, because so far the goal scorer who has a new record could menceploskan one goal each course. Unless one or both H group games tonight there that can do that, then the record of goals will still be shared equally by the players.

Meanwhile, in terms of discipline and abuse (in the field), there were 44 yellow cards have been issued by the referee, plus 4 (four) red cards issued by one of them directly (straight red card). Instead, each game also registered the FIFA best player option (Man of the Match), who according to data thus far did not have a goalscorer.

The notes above, it still will increase along with continued running game after game. Even perhaps, there will be inclined to increase the amount of data (goals, cards and so on), because usually in the second and third appearance in the group, many of the contestants - before the later half to get home - will play more aggressively to achieve maximum results.

That is, if these six days (since last Friday, June 11, Red) PD event was already quite competitive and exciting, so-so soccer enthusiasts hope the next six days - and the next - would be more exciting. There will still be plenty of action amazing, beautiful goals, successes and failures, as well as all the drama on the field. But in the meantime, please refer to the first piece of data-facts below. (ITO / jpnn)

About 'First' and Business 'Ter-':

-The first goal: Siphiwe Tshabalala (South Africa)
The first penalty-goal: Asamoah Gyan (Ghana)
-Quickest goal: Steven Gerrard (England; minute 4)
The last-Gol: Winston Reid (New Zealand, minute 93)
-The first own goal: Daniel Agger (Danish)
, The largest Scores: Germany v Australia (4-0)
First-Booked: Efrain Juarez (Mexico)
Ke-2/kartu red-yellow card first: Nicolas Lodeiro (Uruguay)
-The first straight red card: Tim Cahill (Australia)
Soccer corner-One: Mexico
First-Free-kick: Mexico
-Kick into the first hurdle: Mexico

Data-Facts 14 matches (Group A s / d G)

Total Goals: 22 (+ 1 own goal)
Number of Yellow Cards: 44
Number of Red Cards: 4 (three of them through his second yellow card)
Recipient's red card: Lodeiro Nicolas (Uruguayan), Abdelkader Ghezzal (of Algeria), Aleksander Lukovic (Serbia), Tim Cahill (Australia)

List of scorers:
Siphiwe Tshabalala (South Africa), Rafael Marquez (Mexico), Lee Jung Soo & Park Ji Sung (South Korea), Gabriel Heinze (Argentina), Steven Gerrard (England), Clint Dempsey (USA), Robert Koren (Slovenia), Asamoah Gyan ( Ghana), Lukas Podolski, Miroslav Klose, Thomas Mueller & Cacau (Germany), Dirk Kuyt (Netherlands), Keisuke Honda (Japan), Antolin Alcaraz (Paraguay), Daniele De Rossi (Italy), Robert Vittek (Slovakia), Winston Reid (New Zealand), Maicon & Elano (Brazil), Ji Yun-Nam (North)

Printers Own goals:
Daniel Agger (Danish)

List Man of the Match:
-South Africa v Mexico: Siphiwe Tshabalala
-France v Uruguay: Diego Forlan *
-Greece v South Korea: Park Ji Sung
-Argentina v Nigeria: Vincent Enyeama **
-England v United States: Tim Howard **
-Algeria v Slovenia: Koren Robert
-Serbia v Ghana: Asamoah Gyan
V Australia-Germany: Lukas Podolski
Danish-Netherlands v: Wesley Sneijder *
-Japan v Cameroon: Keisuke Honda
-Italy v Paraguay: Antolin Alcaraz
-New Zealand v Slovakia: Robert Vittek
Ivory Coast v-Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo *
-Brazil v N Korea: Maicon
>> Selection of the best players also take advantage of the option (voting) penyimak matchcast FIFA.
*) Not scored.
**) Goalie (and did not score a goal).

Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Nokia C3 Harga Nokia C3 Spesifikasi

Nama Hotel- Recently announced their presence three days ago, Nokia C3 directly slam prices. Latest QWERTY phone designed for the needs of social networking was immediately discounted USD $ 260 000 on the first day of sales.

Hotel di Hong Kong "Nokia C3 will sale Rp1.159.999 price at retail stores Nokia official start date of June 6, 2010. However, specific to the date of June 5, 2010, Nokia C3 with Slate Grey color will be sold with a limited number of special price (cash) USD 899 999, "the official statement from Nokia that received

This special offer valid for one day, Saturday (06/05/2010) This course begins at 10:00 until 22:00. Not only in Jakarta, special sales are also conducted in nine cities, ie Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Makassar, Banjarmasin, Denpasar and Semarang.

Unfortunately, the Nokia does not guarantee how many handsets are available at special sale in each city. When introduced to the press last Wednesday, the Senior Marketing Manager for Nokia Goh Doh Hau expressed only Nokia has anticipated the possibility membludaknya enthusiasts and shall notify each person who comes is still able to buy a handset or not before the queue.

Here the prime sales location Nokia C3:
1. Jakarta: Plaza Senayan (Outdoor Fountain Area)
2. Surabaya Royal Plaza (Parking Area)
3. Bandung: Bandung Indah Plaza (Core Area)
4. Medan: Millennium Plaza (Car Parks)
5th. Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta Phone Market (Parking Area)
6. Palembang: Palembang Square (2nd Floor)
7. Makassar: Panakukkang Square
8. Banjarmasin: Ambassador Mall
9. Denpasar: Ramayana Mall
10. Semarang: Sun Mall (Simpang Lima)

Selasa, 25 Mei 2010

Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan

Tips Hamil - Film KK Dheeraj concern, such as 'Ghost Peak Coming Months' and 'Ghost Binal Semanggi Bridge' always reaped controversy for displaying vulgar scenes. KK also admitted to being deliberately obstinate.

Buku Panduan Lengkap Cara Cepat Hamil"I am if not stubborn, my movies do not sell, should let the audience come a little stubborn," said a man who claimed a film school dropout in the United States that when found in a press conference the film 'Bye Curious Souls' in Setia Budi Building, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (19/05/2010).

KK will continue to be admitted in Uncategorized adult movie channels. According to him, the film is raunchy scenes featuring the best-selling movies in the market.

"We'll make a movie if there's audience. What is important spectators came to watch my movie," he said lightly.

However, KK is not impossible that he would make a quality film later. Currently, she is still in the stage of the learning process.

"If you say would make a movie like 'Laskar Pelangi', I certainly will. But not yet because we're still learning," he said.